Textiles and Culture of Sumba and Flores with Christine Pearson

17 days | 16 June – 02 July, 2019

Christine Pearson

Join Christine Pearson and discover the textile villages of “unknown” both Sumba and Flores and their strong cultural practices, world class ikat and cotton weaving and indigenous imagery on back strap looms.

Sumba and Flores are two small islands, hidden away between Bali and Timor, and revered by a few for its exquisite natural fibre and dyed blankets, amongst other delightful textiles and cultural attractions.  See more details.

Textiles of Egypt in style with Nancy Hoskins and Christine Pearson

16 Days |29 October – 13 November, 2019

Nancy Hoskins

Join Nancy Hoskins and Christine Pearson on our third tour to Egypt.

A journey focussing on millennia of textile expertise experienced in Edwardian style. Utilising attractive accommodation, dahabiya  boats developed by the British to cruise the Nile in Style, and wonderful meals, guests not only experience the diversity of excellent textiles and crafts, but do so in a way reminiscent of past times. See more details

 Textiles of Japan with Kaz Madigan

14 days | 30 October – 13 November, 2019.

Kaz Madigan

Join our fourth program  to Japan with Kaz Madigancuriousweaver and explore the diversity of textiles and ancient crafts and arts found in Japan. Beginning in Osaka our first workshop is Saori weaving before continuing to Nagoya to experience the regions unique textiles whilst staying in traditional villages. A comprehensive program in Kyoto with visits to studio weavers and dyers, temples and shrines. Returning to rural Japan we travel back to Osaka. See more details.

Textiles of Laos with Valerie Kirk

16 days | 16 – 31 January, 2020

Valerie Kirk

Indochina’s Best Textiles! Join Valerie Kirk and discover the beauty of Lao, along with their unique handloom practised by the diversity of ethnic groups. Additionally, the famous temples and history, the wonderful food and diversity of crafts have enthralled our past guests for over 20 years. This program travels from Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, to Luang Prabang in Laos. Cotton, silk, natural dyes, weavers, embroidery are all all featured on this fully escorted program. See more details