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Robert Fletcher

We have just returned from fabulous Galapagos and most of Ecuador and it’s amazing Cloud Forest.

The Iguanas in Galapagos are spectacular, such weird creatures which reminded me of  the Komado dragon’s we had seen in July on the islands off Flores. We swam with sharks and spent time in the water with turtles and seals. Then birds, blue -footed boobies and all the others were there to greet us. We certainly didn’t have enough time so I would recommend a few extra days just to sit and take it all in.

I sat and watched the mesmerising hummingbirds in the Cloud Forest, I’ll try to upload a video of them feeding.

Ecuador’s landscape with the snow capped volcanoes and small villages with craft markets are a must and the colonial towns of Cuenca and Quito require a few days. I’m still sorting masses of photos but I should have deleted lots soon.