Food Travel

The recent food revolution – an awareness of regional and crafted foods and beverage – has moved people to make the discovery of interesting food and drink a focus to their travel. Not simply dining at quirky or expensive ‘starred’ restaurants, but really discovering these things behind the gate of the maker. Of course, such travel is perfect with a small group of equally interested guests, and even better when accompanied by a recognised Chef who can explain how and why it is done (and be a source of information when you are at home and you need that recipe for your post travel dinner party).

Food Travel programs for 2017 include:


Tastes of Thailand and Lao with Jeff Piper, acclaimed Chef and Owner of ‘Thirst’, Canberra’s most famous Thai Eatery. Jeff has visited Thailand and Lao many times and escorted trips for Intentionally Different. His next program is scheduled for July 2017.



Wine/Food/Beer of Chile with Tom Fletcher, ex Courgette and Icebergs, now Head Chef with polar cruise company One Ocean Expeditions. Between the Antarctic and Arctic seasons Tom cooks at some of South America’s top restaurants, the most recent being Borage in Chile and ranked No1 in Latin America. Tom’s trip will take you to boutique brewers, top notch wineries, food markets, cafes and restaurants and the source of the best pisco in the world (they claim). Tom will be taking his fans in September, 2017.