Travelling over the wide oceans, along rivers and coastlines has been a pursuit of humans for millennia. Indeed, it became a way of life and means for humans to connect all portions of our globe. Nowadays many of us enjoy travelling on water as a pleasure, be it small sailing boats to large ocean liners. We at Intentionally Different love the smaller boats that explore the less visited regions. Boats are fantastic – unpack once, take in the scenery while enjoying the comfort of lounge decks, participate in comprehensive on-shore excursions, and learn a bit more through on-board discussions and lectures. Then there is the cuisine and the ability to escape the rush of the 21st Century.

Wide blue ocean cruises and conga-line European programs are popular (and we can advise and book these for you), however, we relish the rivers of Asia – India, Myanmar and South East Asia, the coastal voyages through the remote Mergui Peninsular and the Andaman Islands, and the expeditions (in comfort) to the Polar regions.

We invite you to share our passion.